NYC Photography Guide-7 Best Places to Photograph New York City

New York City is a magical city, the tall skyscrapers, glimmering lights and the beauty of the sunsets make this city an appealing place for all photographers who want to capture this excitement in their photographs. Are you looking for the perfect spot to photograph the New York City skyline or other parts of the city? Look no further, below are my 7 best places to photograph New York City.

1. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Just across the East river from downtown Manhattan, lies Brooklyn Bridge Park. This is one of the best spots to capture a photograph of the New York City skyline. The photos above were taken near Pier 1 just before the sunset and right after the sun had set over the horizon. On the other side of the Brooklyn Bridge near Empire Fulton Ferry, is another great spot to capture a photo of the bridge with the New York City skyline in the backdrop. 

2. Top of the Rock

One of the most iconic views of lower Manhattan comes from atop Rockefeller Center in Midtown. Here you can take great photographs of the Empire State Building, World Trade Center, Statue of Liberty and from the other side of Top of the Rock, are great photography opps of Central Park. For sunset views, get there early, as the lines can be quite long!

3. Jackie Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, Central Park

The Reservoir is one of the most picturesque landscapes in New York City. There is a 1.5 mile track that goes around the reservoir, in which there are many great photo opportunities of the city. Early morning or sunset is the best time to photograph at this location.

4. Central Park, 5th Avenue Entrance

Just off of 5th Avenue and Central Park South, is the south east entrance into Central Park. There is a beautiful view of the skyscrapers in midtown Manhattan as well as the iconic Gapstow Bridge at The Pond. This area is best photographed in the morning. 

5. Roof Garden, Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Roof Garden at the Metropolitan Museum is a fantastic place to go in the summer and early fall months. During sunset, there is a great opportunity to capture photographs of Central Park and the Midtown Manhattan while sipping on your favorite cocktail! 

6. Flatiron Building, Madison Square Park

The Flatiron Building is an iconic landmark in lower Manhattan in which photographers love to capture pictures of. The area around the Flatiron Building is quite busy, but I found that the best place to capture a picture of this landmark is in Madison Square Park using a telephoto lens. 

7. Empire State Building, 34th and Lexington Avenue

Taking a photograph of the Empire State Building is on the list of pictures to take of any photographer wanting to photograph New York City. I found my favorite place to take a photo of the building (and not from a rooftop) is from 34th and Lexington Avenue using a telephoto lens. 

Where are your favorite places to photograph New York City?

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