Goodbye NYC, Hello Cairo, Egypt!

nyc 1.jpg

It has been a while since posting a blog entry. I was so busy with planning a wedding, finishing up my job and moving from NYC to Cairo, Egypt! Yes, you read right, Cairo! My husband works in Cairo, so after getting married, I decided to make the big, and scary move to Egypt.  I have been here multiple times before deciding to move here, and feel very comfortable about living in Cairo. It is a city much like NYC, big, vibrant, lots of people and there is so much to do and see. In the coming year, I will be exploring a lot of Egypt and most of Africa, which I am very excited about (and I get to cross another item off of my bucket list-moving to a different country).

Leaving NYC was bittersweet, I will miss the city and my dear friends, but I am excited about my new adventures ahead in Africa with my husband. 

Before I left NYC, I went to my favorite spot in the city, the Brooklyn Bridge, and captured these images. 

nyc 2.jpg
nyc 3.jpg

Goodbye NYC, I will miss you, but will be back soon to visit!!