The Perfect Travel Outfit for the Mom to Be


Whether you are traveling by airplane, train or car, traveling while pregnant  can be fun, but isn't always easy or comfortable. The key is if you feel good and comfortable in what you are wearing, you will look good, too. Since becoming pregnant, I have done a lot of traveling and feel best in loose, comfortable clothing with lots of layering options. The perfect travel outfit for the mom to be includes the following:

travel outfit for mom to be.jpg

Loose Fitting Dress

It is best to choose a dress made out of a stretchy, breathable fabric,  such as jersey knit or cotton and one that will accommodate frequent trips to the bathroom. I like dresses with side ruching that flatter my growing figure.  Loose fitting leggings and a t-shirt, paired with a blazer are also good options to wear while traveling. 

Plenty of Accessories 

Dressing in layers is essential for the traveling mom to be. A long cardigan is best to have on hand for sudden temperature changes and a scarf can dress up your outfit or can double as a "blanket" to keep warm. Also, a pair of sunglasses can come in handy in case you want to take a nap. 

Supportive Footwear

Say goodbye to heels! Wearing supportive footwear is a must while pregnant.  I find that sneakers with laces work best in case your feet swell during traveling.  Also, I like to have a pair of flip-flops on hand  which are helpful  to have for those frequent trips to the bathroom.

Handbag to Hold the Essentials

As a traveling mom to be, there is nothing more important than having a bag to carry all of your essentials to keep you feeling beautiful and comfortable. I make sure I have plenty of moisturizer,  hand lotion, lip balm,  face wipes, concealer and bottled water. It is also important to  pack a pair of support hose or socks which can help prevent circulation issues from sitting for long periods of time. 

What are your travel style tips?