6 Experiences To Have In Minneapolis/St. Paul This Winter

Minneapolis St. Paul Winter

Winter in Minnesota is well...cold and snowy! With the exception of the past few years, I have lived in this state my entire life. I have tried to embrace the cold and snow, but would consider myself someone who would prefer being in warmer weather.  This means, I need to find activities to do in order to survive the cold winter months (winter in Minnesota could last up to 6 months!) . If you are a cold weather person and love the outdoors, or if you are not and are wondering how to survive the cold, snowy months in the North Star state, here are 6 must have indoor and outdoor experiences to have in Minneapolis/St. Paul this winter. 

1. St. Paul Winter Carnival

Ice sculptures, outdoor skating, torchlight parade, fireworks and more! The St. Paul Winter Carnival is the oldest winter festival in the United States and runs from late January to early February. What a great way to celebrate winter in the capital city of Minnesota!

2. Afternoon Tea at The St. Paul Hotel

Have you ever wanted to have afternoon tea like the Londoners? Afternoon tea at The St. Paul Hotel is a replica to England's traditional tea. Enjoy a cold winter day inside the elegant lobby of The St. Paul Hotel sipping on tea and enjoying some English crumpets! Book early as spots fill up fast for this popular weekend event!

3. Ice Skating at Union Depot

Ice skating at Union Depot in downtown Minneapolis is a fantastic way to enjoy this popular winter activity, but in a warm atmosphere with views of the city skyline. 

4. Cross Country Skiing

What a better way to enjoy the snow than a day of cross country skiing! The Minnesota DNR publishes all of the public cross country ski trails here

Sunken Garden 

Sunken Garden 

5. Visit Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

For those really cold winter days, head over to the Como Zoo and Conservatory and enjoy the indoor gardens! There are many events planned at the Conservatory this winter. You can check them out here.

Frozen Minnehaha Falls

Frozen Minnehaha Falls

6. Visit Minnehaha Falls

Have you enjoyed the Falls at Minnehaha Park in the summer and wondered what it would be like to visit in the winter? I assure you, it is worth a visit and a must see this winter. 

What are your favorite activities to do in the winter?

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