The Best Photography Equipment and Tools for Bloggers On Any Budget

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What makes one blog more appealing to its readers than another? Most bloggers would argue that great photography is what sets apart one blog from another, whether you are a fashion blogger, travel blogger, lifestyle blogger, etc. Not only is the quality of light, photographer's point of view and composition important aspects in successful photography, but the equipment that is used is also a critical component. From cameras to post production software, below is a list of photography equipment and tools (for those of you on a budget or those of you ready to splurge) that will improve the visual quality of your blog.


1. Quality DSLR Camera


Nikon D3300-This is a great camera for those just starting out using a DSLR camera. It has received great ratings for its class and priced at under $400, you can't beat the price!


Canon 6D-This is the camera that I use and I can't say enough good things about it! The camera provides high image quality, full HD video recording capabilities and build in Wi-Fi and GPS capabilities. This camera is for those with a little more advanced photography skills and priced at around $1,400 (for the body only), this camera is for those serious about photography. 

2. Photo Editing Software


Gimp-For those of you who aren't ready to invest in Photoshop, Gimp is a great alternative! It provides a lot of the same photo editing capabilities as Photoshop and is must more user friendly! And the best part-it's FREE!

PicMonkey-This is a free software, great for making picture collages and adding text to photos. It can also be used for quick edits. Upgrade to a Royal Membership for a minimal monthly fee and receive more capabilities and text fonts within the software. This is a must have for every blogger!


Adobe Photoshop-I took the plunge and purchased Photoshop about a year ago, and I love it! Instead of purchasing the software itself, I purchased the Creative Cloud photography plan which gives you access to both Lightroom and Photoshop. The nice thing about this plan is that you can download the Lightroom and Photoshop Fix apps on your tablet which provides the capability of editing photos on the go! This convenience was definitely worth the price!


3. Photo Editing Apps


Photoshop Express-When I first started out in photography and taking pictures with my iPhone, this is the app that I would use the most for editing. The basic app features are free and It provides basic touch up capabilities, several filters to enhance your photos as well as easy sharing to social media. For a minimal cost, additional add on features such as noise reduction and defog can be purchased. 

Snapseed-Another free photo editing app is Snapseed. This is another photo editing app that I like to use for quick editing. It features several different filters, automatic adjustments and enhancements and a quick sharing button to upload your photo to social media. 

Squaready-Do you want to make your Instagram feed more uniform? This app is for you! It can be used to post your photos to Instagram without any cropping! It also provides spacing in between photos for to give a nice, polished look to your Instagram feed. 


Lightroom and Photoshop Fix-As mentioned above, if you purchase the Creative Cloud photography plan, you have access to Lightroom and Photoshop Fix apps on your tablet. These are great apps to use if you want to edit your photos without having to go onto to your computer. Also, another feature with this is that you can instantly open the photo from Lightroom to Photoshop Express to make additional edits. 

4. Quality Tripod


Slik 700 DX Pro-At less than $100, this tripod is a great investment for those on a budget. It is light, easy to set up, supports 15 lbs. of total weight and can withstand windy conditions (for minimal camera shake), all great qualities in a tripod.


Davis & Sanford TR654C-36 Carbon Fiber Tripod-This tripod is under $200 and can hold up to 12 lbs. of gear, is lightweight, has a quick release ball head with a bubble level and has a height range from 9-65". This is a great value tripod for the price. 

5. Stock Photos

Stock photos can instantly transform the look of your blog posts from good to fantastic! If you don't have enough time to take photos for your posts, stock photos can be used and can provide a more professional polished look.


Dreamstime-This stock photo site offers to purchase stock photos on a credit system, which is nice for those of you who need to purchase an occasional photo. It also provides some free images for the really budget minded blogger. 


Adobe Stock-Adobe provides a large catalog of stock images with easy search capabilities. You can pay per photo or pay for a monthly subscription ($29.99), with the first month being free. A monthly subscription provides for 10 images, with the ability to roll over images monthly if you don't use all of the images. 

It's your turn! What is your favorite photography equipment and tools that you use for your blog?

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